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Hair Power: Me and My Afro

Real beauty doesn’t discriminate. We want a world where inclusive beauty is the only beauty we see, on our screens and in magazines – and where it is celebrated at school, at work and all areas of life. But we aren’t there yet. For many Black women, men and children, hair discrimination is a daily reality – and this needs to change.

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We’re proud to present ‘Hair Power: Me and My Afro’ – a new Black History Month documentary by Channel 4 and Pulse Films, co-funded by Dove and Unilever Entertainment. Presented by Dove partner, Social Historian and author of ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’, Emma Dabiri, the documentary tells the story of how hair has shaped the Black experience in Britain. 

Talking to women, girls and men about Black hair and cultural identity, the documentary shines a light on natural Black hair pride and empowerment, and the beauty regimens that are a celebrated rite of passage. Plus, taboo-busting topics such as Black hair fetishization, hair bias and discrimination based on natural Black hair textures and protective styles. 

We believe natural hair should be celebrated, in all it’s glory – that’s why Dove is on a mission to end race-based hair discrimination and create a more equitable and inclusive beauty experience for Black women and girls.

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