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Vicki, Paralympic Medalist

At 22, Vicki looked in the mirror and didn’t recognise herself. A battle with cancer had left her with an amputated leg and shattered body confidence. But a love of sport pulled her through this dark time and she went on to win a medal at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics, regaining a whole new level of body confidence in the process.

Vicki, Paralympic Medalist

As a cancer survivor and amputee, Vicki worried she would never feel beautiful again. But learning to overcome such a challenge – and channelling it into a medal-winning athletic career – left her more confident than she could ever imagine.  

Today, as a mum of two, Vicki is constantly surprised by what her body is capable of. She now knows that beauty is so much more than what’s reflected in the mirror – it’s about how you act towards yourself, your loved ones and the world around you.  And she’s never felt more beautiful. 

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Vicki reinvents herself after losing her leg

Vicki overcame this to reinvent herself as a Paralympian after she discovered she had cancer.  

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