Baby Dove Biodegradable Wipes 

Care for the planet, and your baby’s skin: our ultra-gentle Baby Dove wipes, now in biodegradable baby wipes.

75 pack

• Biodegradable baby wipes to gently cleanse baby’s skin

• As gentle as water: alcohol-free, unscented, hypoallergenic baby wipes

• Sustainable baby wipes made with 100% naturally derived plant fibres

• Our caring and safety-tested formula is dermatologist and paediatrician-tested

• Fragrance-free eco-friendly baby wipes for sensitive skin

• Suitable for newborns
Making changes for a more eco-friendly lifestyle? With Baby Dove Biodegradable Baby Wipes, you can give your baby ultra-gentle care using wipes that biodegrade in less than six weeks*.

Nourishing wipes are a baby bag essential, and now you can give the same care from baby wipes that are biodegradable. Thanks to the signature Baby Dove formula you’d find in our popular wipes, these ultra-gentle, alcohol-free baby wipes leave your little one’s delicate skin instantly cleansed, moisturised and smooth. And made from soft plant-based fibres, our biodegradable nappy wipes have been designed with modern parenting in mind. These eco-friendly baby wipes are made of biodegradable fibres that are less damaging to the environment than regular baby wipes – helping you care for your little one, and the planet.

* Biodegrading times can vary depending on conditions 

aqua, glycerin, sodium, benzoate, peg-40, hydrogenated castor oil, citric acid, zinc sulfate, disodium edta, propylene glycol

• Caring for your planet
Feel like you go through hundreds of single-use disposable baby wipes? Biodegradable alternatives can help you live more sustainably. Our biodegradable nappy wipes are made from 100% naturally derived plant fibres that break down in landfill in under six weeks. From messy mealtimes to nappy changes, our biodegradable baby wipes help balance parenting life with an eco-friendly lifestyle

• Caring for your baby
Biodegradable baby products still need to be mild and nourishing for your family. Working to gently cleanse your little one’s skin, these sustainable baby wipes leave skin instantly cleansed, moisturised and feeling baby soft. And free from artificial colouring, fragrances and alcohol, these biodegradable baby wipes give delicate baby skin the gentle care it needs

• Newborn and sensitive skin
With our much-loved Baby Dove formula that’s as gentle as water, these hypoallergenic wipes have been dermatologically- and paediatrically-tested for even sensitive skin. And our eco-friendly baby wipes are ideal for especially delicate newborn skin, too – there for you to use from day one

These gentle biodegradable baby wipes are suitable for all-over use, as well as after nappy changes. After you’re all done, dispose of in your bin along with everything else. Just make sure the wipes aren’t wrapped up in the nappy to give the best biodegradable conditions and remember not to flush them away either.


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