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Dove Men+Care

About Dove Men+Care

Care makes a man stronger. With a heritage that spans 60 years, we’ve watched the evolution of masculinity unfold. From campaigns to products, Dove Men+Care celebrates modern masculinity and demonstrates that real strength takes care.

As masculinity evolves, it’s becoming more fluid and less defined.

The pressure to fit just one mould is lifting. Now, masculinity is beginning to embody a new kind of strength. One with care at its core; because caring is what makes you strong.

So many men exhibit acts of care every day: for their children, their families, their friends – even for strangers. But it’s essential to care for yourself, too. With Dove Men+Care, we’ve created products that meet in the middle – a combination of care and strength. With unique patented technologies, performance and mildness combined to leave your skin and hair hydrated. Resilient. Strong. Every single day. 


No matter what kind of mould you fit – care is the key.

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