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Dove Men+Care

Our commitment to sustainable packaging

At Dove Men+Care, we’re on a mission to care for your skin and your planet, whether that means using more recycled materials in our products, reducing our packaging, or helping you recycle our products.

Keep reading to learn more about our eco friendly packaging and environmental initiatives, including our compressed antiperspirant technology.

How we’re committed to reduce waste

One of those commitments is our compressed 200ml aerosol cans. Thanks to our specialist team, we’ve found a way to fit the same amount of protection into a smaller, smarter, environmentally friendly deodorant can. 

Our 200ml aerosols need less gas, but don’t worry – they last just as long as our 250ml antiperspirants and still provide you with the same levels of protection and care.

This technology means that if one million people used our 200ml cans instead of our 250ml cans, we could save 4.4 tonnes of aluminium. That’s the equivalent of 3,232 aluminium bikes.*

*Assumed bike frame weight of ~1,361g.


Recycling our environmentally friendly aerosol cans

Our whole range of antiperspirant deodorants can be collected and recycled by the majority of UK councils. And thanks to our work with Alupro – a not-for-profit organisation specialising in aluminium packaging – we’ve also helped  increase awareness around recycling aerosols. 

All our aerosol cans are made with ‘infinitely recyclable aluminium’, so our antiperspirants can be recycled over and over again without affecting their quality or integrity. 

To help reduce waste even more, we’ve made our aluminium cans lighter than other deodorants too, which helps us save tonnes of material every year and produce fewer greenhouse gases – a big stride in our commitment to sustainability and eco friendly packaging. 


Recycled plastic in our roll-on deodorants

Our roll-on deodorants are made with 60% recycled plastic. But this is just the start. For 2023, we’re working hard to remove virgin plastic from our packaging and reduce plastic in every one of our roll-ons.


Recycling our body wash bottles

Our commitment to sustainable packaging is fought on all fronts. That’s why the bottles of all our body, face and hair washes are recyclable and made with 100% recycled plastic. This is part of our commitment to minimise waste and make all our plastic packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.

Wash out your bottles before recycling them. And don’t forget – our lids can be recycled too.


More ways that we’re helping our planet…

With renewable energy sources, reduced water use and zero manufacturing waste in landfill, we’re committed to halving the environmental footprint of our products across our entire supply chain. 

During production, our factories ensure waste is used as smartly as possible, like selling cardboard boxes transporting raw materials to recycling companies to ensure they’re reused. We’re also dedicated to using as many green shipping methods as possible to help reduce carbon emissions. 

We’re always striving to do more to create environmentally friendly packaging and reduce our environmental impact. Join us on our mission to reduce waste and inspire real change in the skin care industry (and beyond).

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