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Weak Hair

Overcome weak hair with Dove. A sign of your hair maturing is that it requires a touch of help to keep it looking fuller, and beautifully strong. Why not explore our Dove hair range?

Throughout our lifetime, our hair goes through many changes and not just style-wise. Did you know our individual hair follicles shrink with age? This means that the thickness of hair strands decreases, which is why fine, weak hair is something a lot of us notice more and more as we get older. The right care can help us all to enjoy the look and feel of fuller and stronger hair. Unveil the secret for beautifully strong and visibly restored hair that's deeply nourished from the inside. If you‘re searching for an answer on how to repair your hair, it’s time to discover Dove. Why not try our Pro Age collection, or explore our Nourishing Secrets range. Dove Nourishing Secrets Restoring Ritual shampoo and conditioner is inspired by Indian rituals of treating damaged hair with blends of coconut oil and turmeric, an exquisite blend of ingredients known for their caring properties.

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