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Why I’m Brilliant: confidence-boosting activities

Why I’m Brilliant: confidence-boosting activities

When it comes to looks and physical appearance, young people are often their own toughest critics. Try these activities as a fun way to boost your child's confidence and show them how brilliant they really are.

It's common for young people – especially girls – to become overly concerned with the way they look and prioritise appearance over other aspects of themselves. This activity will help them think about themselves in a more positive light.

Play Why I'm Brilliant

This game involves your child building a collection of pictures and words that describe all the reasons they should feel good about themselves. From talents to personality traits, they'll build a picture that will really boost their self-esteem.

How to play the game

We all have characteristics and traits that make us unique. Think about all the special things that you, your family and your friends value about you.

1. Find a photo of yourself that you like and stick it on a blank sheet of paper

2. Think about what you like about yourself. Try to include one thing you like about your looks, one for your personality and two more that are talents. Find pictures that represent each of these, either in magazines or online, and stick them on the same sheet of paper. Write 'looks', 'personality' and 'talents' as headings near each set of images. Add an explanation below each picture if you wish

3. Now think about things your friends and family like about you and add these to your collage

4. When you're happy with what you've created, share the finished product with your friends to inspire them to see the brilliant aspects of themselves

5. Show it to your parents and ask what they think of it. Maybe you can make one for mum or dad together?

6. The next time one of your friends is worried about their appearance, tell them why you like them. It will remind them (and you) that looks aren't the only things we value

Action checklist: How to build your child's self-confidence

  • 1.

    Boost your child's self-esteem

    There will always be days when your child feels down about their looks, so remind them of the many things that make them unique and valued


  • 2.

    Focus on what makes them special

    Encourage your child to have an opinion on what makes them unique – from looks and personality traits to skills and talents

  • 3.

    Use the confidence activities on this page to help the conversation

    Help your child find pictures that represent each of their best traits, and remind them of the many things other people like about them

  • 4.

    Show your child you love everything about them

    Help boost their body confidence and self-esteem by showing interest in, and enthusiasm for, lots of things they do. Avoid focusing on just one area (exam marks, for example), which might lead a young person to feel they're only as valuable as their test scores

  • 5.

    Set a good example

    Make sure you're a role model for a balanced, healthy lifestyle and positive relationship with your own body. Your child will pick up habits (good and bad) from you


next steps

  • Ask how the 'Why I'm Brilliant' game they made your child think and feel? Has it helped them to be positive about themselves?
  • Encourage them to share the activities with friends and have the same conversation with them
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