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Dove Sensitive skin deodorants

Deodorant for sensitive skin

We believe that finding the best deodorant for sensitive skin should be easy, which is why we’ve designed plenty of effective deodorant options that also care for the most delicate skin. 

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Whatever the reason you’re on the hunt for an alternative choice to regular deodorant, we’ve got a Dove sensitive skin deodorant* for you.

Perhaps you’ve always had sensitive skin, maybe you’ve developed a recent rather fraught relationship with shaving or you might just want to prevent any unwelcome itchiness before it comes knocking. As well as keeping you protected for up to 48 hours, our deodorants for sensitive skin nourish underarms, thanks to their signature ¼  moisturising cream.

Even if you don’t have especially sensitive skin, caring for your underarms will make them softer, smoother and keep them feeling beautiful, no matter what your skin type is. So make the change to sensitive skin deodorant today and you might feel the difference sooner than you think.

* Always seek medical advice if you’re worried about which products will suit your skin type.

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