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Your bio baby wipes questions – Baby Dove

We answer your top questions on our biodegradable baby wipes

Looking for ways to go biodegradable? Baby wipes can be tricky to switch – especially as your baby grows and develops, and their meals and nappies do too.

Say hello to baby wipes that are biodegradable, 100% naturally derived, and just as gentle for your baby’s skin. Wondering how they work and what you do with them? Read on to find out more…

Put simply, biodegrading is all about something being able to break down naturally and we’re proud to say, our Baby Dove Biodegradable Wipes meet the industry-standard of biodegradable products. This means each wipe will eventually break down and return to the environment, without leaving any plastic waste behind*.

*Flow wrap currently not recyclable. Our parent company Unilever continue to explore sustainable alternatives.

We want to give you a sustainable alternative to single-use wipes. Our biodegradable nappy wipes are kind to your baby’s sensitive skin, and the planet. 

Made from natural plant fibres, these environmentally friendly wipes biodegrade when thrown in the bin with your regular household waste. From our testing, our baby wipes are shown to biodegrade in simulated landfill conditions in under six weeks.

We’ve made our biodegradable baby wipes from soft, renewable plant fibres and sustainable wood pulp. Thanks to these 100% naturally derived plant fibres, unlike non-biodegradable wipes, our biodegradable baby wipes naturally break down when disposed of in the bin. 

Yes, of course! Although we’ve updated the materials we use, you can still depend on the skin-loving Baby Dove ingredients you know and love. 

We use the same gentle formula as our regular hypoallergenic wipes – free from fragrance and alcohol – so your little one’s skin will feel just as soft, smooth and happy as always.

With our biodegradable baby wipes, just keep throwing them away in your regular household waste bin and our wipes will do the rest to ensure a more environmentally friendly end to their life. Whatever you do, remember not to throw them (or any other wipes) down the loo. This can contribute towards blocked sewers…and you can imagine why that’s bad news.

Find out more about our Baby Dove Biodegradable Baby Wipes.

How easy do you find eco-friendly parenting?

How easy do you find eco-friendly parenting?

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