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Baby Dove Diaper rash

Taking care of baby nappy rash

Nappy changes are a regular occurrence with a baby in the house, but a routine change can be a little surprising when you’re greeted by a sore, red bottom. But don’t worry, baby nappy rash is common. 

The main cause of nappy rash is wee and poo in contact with the skin in a nappy, which generates enzymes that can cause irritation… and the wetness can lead to inflammation,” explains paediatric dermatologist and mum-of-one Dr Kerstin. A cream for nappy rash, such as Baby Dove Rich Moisture Nappy Cream, can help. It neutralises skin’s pH, bringing immediate comfort, and provides a protective layer between the skin and soiled nappies.

Baby nappy rash is fairly easy to treat and should clear up within a week. If not, it’s best to talk to your doctor. Hopefully these tips from real parents will stop it from getting to that stage.

  • 1

    Charlie, dad of two. 

    “It can be tempting to wait until you finish your chore, magazine or coffee before changing a dirty nappy, but try to do it as soon as possible. Those bottoms are delicate and like being clean and dry” 

  • 2

    Garen, dad of two.  

    “Nappy-free time is recommended to treat baby nappy rash, but we didn’t particularly want puddles on the carpet. So we spread out our washable picnic blanket on the living-room floor and let our daughter crawl about on that” 


  • 3

    Dr Zilda, mum of two. 

    “To get the best results from baby nappy rash cream, try to use it in a preventative way and not when your baby already has a rash. Ideally, apply it at each change”

  • 4

    Chris, dad of one.  

    “If possible, keep the cream for nappy rash ready near the changing table. Otherwise you’ll probably miss your chance – it’s best not to leave your baby and fetch it, and, once you've wrestled the nappy on, your baby won't thank you for taking it off again!” 

  • 5

    Jenny, mum of one.  

    “When it comes to keeping nappy rash away, I always aim to keep everything as clean and dry as possible. I try to make sure my son’s bottom is spotless after changing and wash the area thoroughly in the bath”


  • 6

    Andy, dad of one.  

    “When my daughter is teething, her nappy rash seems to get worse. I just use cotton wool and warm water when it is inflamed, and always apply an ointment for nappy rash to help soothe the worst areas” 


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