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4 tips for baby swimming skincare

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    Gently rinse baby before swim.

    Wet skin is actually less absorbent than dry skin, so by rinsing baby in non-chlorinated water before even getting into the pool, you can reduce the amount of pool water absorbed by baby’s skin. Remember to use warm water for baby's comfort

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    Massage in moisturiser before swim.

    If you’ve rinsed baby already, gently pat your baby down with a towel until partially dry. Squeeze out a mild and moisturising lotion into your palm, warm between your hands, and gently massage into baby’s skin. This forms a protective layer to help skin baby’s skin stay moisturised during swimming. We recommend checking first that your pool is comfortable with you applying moisturiser before getting into the water. Ensure you take extra care as baby may be slippery!

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    Rinse after swim using baby shampoo.

    By rinsing down (in non-chlorinated water) after your baby swimming session together, you can wash off much of the pool water. It’s a little trickier to get chlorine out of baby’s hair, so use a gentle and moisturising baby shampoo to cleanse and nourish the scalp. After shower time, wrap your baby in a soft cotton towel to keep them warm and get them dry

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    Apply lotion before dressing baby.

    “Simply rinsing in water alone is good for washing away chlorine, but it can also wash away the natural lipids that helps lock in skin moisture. By applying a generous dose of moisturising lotion after rinsing and drying, you can recreate this natural skin barrier. Baby Dove lotions were specially designed to actually deposit skin natural nutrients and rebuild this moisturising layer.” Katherine – Baby Dove R&D specialist and mum of one little boy

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