Love scented body wash? Here�s 6 reasons why we do too

Love scented body wash? Here’s 6 reasons why we do too

  • 1
    Experiment with new scents.

    We’re always looking to the latest trends when exploring new fragrances to add to our range. When citrus had the fashion and beauty world buzzing, we created our Go Fresh Revive Nourishing Pomegranate & Lemon Verbana Body Wash scent. It’s a light, refreshing mixture of juicy and sweet pomegranate with fresh and zingy lemon verbana

  • 2
    Nourish skin.

    Have you ever tried a scented soap and found it left your skin dry and tight? With our scented Body Wash and Beauty Bars, there’s no compromise on the care factor. You get the same pampering, hydrating benefits you always have, with the added bonus of an uplifting, fresh fragrance. So you can enjoy any of our Go Fresh scents, knowing that you’ll rinse off the lather to find beautifully nourished skin

  • 3
    Boost your mood.

    Scent is one of the greatest mood enhancers there is. Take something uplifting and fresh into the bathroom with you – like Dove Go Fresh Touch Nourishing Cucumber and Green Tea Body Wash – and marvel at its powers to leave you feeling de-stressed and soothed


  • 4
    Pick products to pamper.

    When you want something a little special in your shower, turn to our Purely Pampering range, full of warm, comforting scents to help you relax and unwind. Our favorite? Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Body Wash with Coconut Milk and Jasmine Scent. With its tranquil, floral fragrance, it’s the perfect end to a busy day

  • 5
    Make it a haven.

    The ‘me-time’ we get in the shower is the best. Scented Body Wash can make it even better. That warm water combined with the right fragrance has the power to leave you feeling like a new woman. It’s a pampering ritual you won’t want to end

  • 6
    Allow time to reminisce.

    Scent can evoke our fondest memories. Pick out a scented Body Wash or Beauty Bar that resembles the perfume you wore on your wedding day or a favourite holiday and be transported back with every shower