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Dove Keep cool under pressure

How to keep your cool under pressure

A first date, a job interview, giving a presentation to your whole company – these scenarios are enough to strike fear into the heart of even the fiercest, most fabulous woman. But while we can’t take the nervous moments out of life, we can find ways to stop them ruffling our feathers. Scary challenges go more smoothly with a game plan, so follow our six tips for keeping your cool.

  • 1

    Calm nerves.

    Before the big event, do something calming to bring out your most zen self. A quiet walk, 10 minutes of meditation or simply a warm bubble bath can calm your nerves and make sure you feel ready for anything

  • 2

    Work the room.

    Giving a major work presentation? We’ve all heard the old advice to ‘imagine the audience in their underwear’ – but if you really want to feel relaxed, just imagine that they all admire you and are silently cheering you on (it’s probably true!)

  • 3

    Protect underarms.

    When you’re nervous, your caveman brain assumes you’re in a fight-or-flight situation. Perhaps it’s just a coffee with your ex, but your body is envisaging the worst and this triggers increased underarm sweating. Don’t let that distract you and try out our Clinical Protection Original Deodorant to avoid any mishaps

  • 4

    Dress to impress.

    Choose something that you’ve worn before and know is comfortable. New shoes might seem like a confidence booster, but if you develop an agonising blister, you won’t be at your relaxed best

  • 5

    Allow for plenty of time.

    Whether you’re going to an interview or the first lunch with your partner’s mum, build in extra time to get there… and then a bit more time, just in case. Arrive early and you can walk around the block – arrive late and it’s just awkward

  • 6

    What nerves?

    Consider whether others are nervous, too. If it’s a blind date, the other person is probably just as terrified – so take a deep breath, start chatting and concentrate on making them feel comfortable. Nerves? What nerves? You’re cool as a cucumber