6 tactics to get underarms you love

6 tactics to get underarms you love

  • 1
    Add care to your routine.

    Making an effort does great things for our body confidence as a whole. After all, when we feel good about how we look, we feel good altogether. Right? So start a new underarm routine: putting the extra care in like with our Antiperspirant Roll on Powder Soft will help you develop more positive feelings about them

  • 2
    Banish insecurities.

    If you want to get past body insecurities, the first thing is to stop vocalising them. Think about it, most of the things we tell ourselves about our bodies we wouldn’t dream of saying to our friends. No complaining about your ‘bingo wings’ again, OK?

  • 3
    Look at the positives.

    There’s always a positive side to the things we don’t like about ourselves. You might not like your underarms but they’re actually a really expressive part of your body, from the joy of throwing your arms up as you dance to your significant other or child leaning into them for a cuddle. It’s a super feel-good place

  • 4
    Don't ignore underarms.

    The most important thing? Care. We ignore our underarms for the most part because we just don’t like to think about them, which doesn’t help. Treat them like the rest of your body and you’ll begin to feel much better about them. Our Dove Antiperspirant Roll on Original with our unique ¼ moisturising cream is a great choice for a deodorant that cares for your underarm skin

  • 5
    Get used to change.

    Your insecurity could stem from the uncomfortable newness of revealing something you aren’t used to. Try wearing sleeveless tops around the house and get used to having your underarms on display to see if it makes a difference when you take them into the outside world

  • 6
    Treat yourself.

    Go shopping to give yourself an incentive. Buying yourself a load of sleeveless outfits you can’t wait to wear will help give a normally scary situation a silver lining. And you might feel so hot you’ll forget all about that little insecurity. What was it again?

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