Why hair care is self-care

Why hair care is self-care

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    You can give your hair the love it deserves.

    Hair confidence starts with the staples you use. Conditioner is one of the most nourishing parts of a routine, so finding one you love is key. Our Intensive Repair Conditioner is made with Smart Target Technology that smartly targets and repairs recurring daily hair damage for a total hair revival. The perfect addition to your beauty self-care routine, it’ll leave you with beautiful-looking hair that is revived, smooth and protected, everyday

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    Your routine will put an extra spring in your step.

    When life gets busy and overwhelming, it’s easy to forget to dedicate time to yourself. But, some say it only takes 21 days to develop a new habit, so why not see for yourself? Start with one of our favorite self-care ideas: create a morning and evening routine that helps you feel like your best self. It could include a new hair care product you love, or a 10 minute mindful scalp massage. Whatever it is, be sure to stick to it for 21 days – after that, it’ll be second nature

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    You can learn a new hairstyle.

    You might think of hairstyles as something special to keep for an occasion, but who says a weekday isn’t the perfect time to try a new look? To take your hair care to the next level, try a heat-free style that protects your tresses from damage. While you’re concentrating on creating a look you love, your mind will be given a welcome break from thinking about daily stress and to-do lists

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    You’ll get to know your hair care goals.

    long-term hair goal in mind will help you decide which products and treatments are right for you. Whether you start to use a special pre-wash serum, or a DIY mask, your hair will notice the difference. Plus, the improvement in the condition of your locks will keep you motivated on your hair care journey

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    You’ll feel excited to treat yourself to a chop more often.

    If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to treat yourself to a new cut, this is your sign. No matter whether it’s with your favorite hairdresser or DIY-style at home – trimming any split ends can really help you to feel pampered and refreshed. And if you need help taking the step, we’ve prepared a little guide on how to cut split ends from home.

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    You’ll feel inspired to compliment others on their hair.

    You might be wondering: why is hair care important? We believe that self-care helps you feel more confident, and more positive as a result. And when you feel good, you’re more likely to help others feel good, too. So, whether it’s a stranger or a close friend, let someone know you love their look – and enjoy all of the ways this uplifts both of you