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Discover the power of our Intensive Repair hair care range

Wondering how to fix damaged hair? Our Intensive Repair range is specially formulated for deeply nourishing hair reconstruction, so you can reach your hair goals.

When you’re experimenting with your style, your hair can go through a lot in the process. Whether you’re trying a straight and sleek look, beachy waves, or a neon rainbow of color, achieving a look you love can often leave you needing a dose of intensive hair care. But how do you know if your hair is damaged, and how do you know what it needs?

What is damaged hair?

Most of the time, damaged hair is more than just split ends. Dye, bleach and styling tools can cause the outside layer of your hair (known as the cuticle) to lift and chip. Daily routines such as heat and chemical treatments, and even combing can cause further damage and lead to breakage. This leaves hair feeling rough, looking dull, and tricky to manage day to day.

How to care for your damaged hair

This is where we come in. Finding staples for your routine that combine ultra-caring ingredients with effective technology to help bring your hair back to its best is key. That’s why we made our Dove Intensive Repair range: specially formulated to deliver intensive hair damage repair, transform your strands and help you feel confident with your locks. It’s time to give your hair total care, no matter how damaged it might be.

Our advanced Smart Target technology

Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner have a unique two way system for total hair revival. Our groundbreaking Smart Target Technologyworks to protect hair by smartly targeting and repairing different types of recurring hair damage. Plus, the Fiber Repair Actives in this anti-breakage shampoo and conditioner system penetrate and reconstruct damaged inner hair fibers. They progressively nourish and build up your hair’s natural resilience, protecting hair with every use. So, you don’t have to worry about future damage, either. A must-have if you’re looking for at-home hair reconstruction, this range will leave you with smooth, nourished hair that looks beautifully healthy, wash after wash – showing you how to repair hair once and for all.

And here’s a parting tip from us: to help your hair recover with our Intensive Repair range, stick to heat-free hairstyle for a few months for the best hair reconstruction results.