Dove Clean skin avoid dryness

How to clean skin and avoid dryness

  • 1
    Avoid soap

    Traditional soap can dry skin out, so try to avoid it in favour of less drying options like Dove Men+Care Deep Clean Body Wash, which exfoliates and hydrates skin

  • 2
    Stay cool

    Hot water can dry skin out further, since it melts its natural oils. Stick to warm water, which will clean skin but keep moisture locked in

  • 3
    Keep showers short

    If you can't live without a hot shower, try to keep them short instead so the water doesn’t break down the proteins which help to retain skin’s moisture

  • 4
    Clean and hydrate

    The best body washes for men moisturise skin as they clean. Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body Wash is a moisturising body wash made with MicroMoisture technology, which hydrates skin, cleanses thoroughly and rinses easily

  • 5
    Face facts

    Your face is often exposed to drying conditions like wind and sun so don’t forget to keep it protected. A good moisturiser helps to protect your face from dryness

  • 6
    Tool up

    Use a shower tool to soften especially rough areas. Try a loofah or a body brush combined with the best body wash for men to help remove very dry skin, for a deeper clean