Nourishing Moisture 3in1 Serum Conditioner 

Instantly nourishes and transforms even extra dry, rough hair to sublimely soft and smooth with Dove 3in1 Serum Conditioner Nourishing Moisture.
180 ML

• Dove's first 3in1 Serum Conditioner to strengthen your hair from within.

• Leaves hair recovered, beautiful and resilient*

• Repair, protect, and prevent dry/frizzy hair

• Helps smooth visible signs of damage***

• Nourishing moisture for dry, frizzy hair

• Serum conditioner suitable for daily use

Looking to give dry, frizzy hair more care and nourishment than a regular conditioner can give? Swap out your regular conditioner for a super conditioner to give your hair the nourishment it needs, every day. Infused with nourishing ingredients, Dove 3in1 Serum Conditioner gives your hair expert care, leaving you with instantly nourished, more resilient** hair, every day.

Repair: Immediately smooth the outer surface of your hair, while deeply nourishing hair from within with Pro Moisture Complex.
Protect: Shield every strand from damage due to dryness.
Prevent: Lock in moisture and strengthen hair’s internal structure to prevent dry / frizzy hair.

Fighting frizz again? If you often find yourself wondering how to smooth frizz, dry hair might be your problem – and for frizzy hair treatment, Dove 3in1 Serum Conditioner Nourishing Moisture has everything you need in one easy step.

With a rich, caring formula, it instantly nourishes even very dry hair, transforming that rough feeling, so your hair is left feeling softer and smoother. This next generation nourishing serum conditioner give dry hair treatment, deep down. Your hair is beautifully nourished, more manageable and silky smooth. So, no more wondering how to take care of your hair without the fuss: now you have the power to make every day a good hair day. 

* against breakage vs. non-conditioning shampoo
** when regularly used with Dove Nourishing Moisture shampoo
*** refers to roughness and dryness 

Use after or in replacement of your daily conditioner. Apply through wet hair from middle to ends, avoiding roots. Leave on for 1 minute & rinse. Use as frequent as your hair needs for quick & deep conditioning

Use with Dove Nourishing Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner