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Dove Recreating bath

Recreate the pampering power of a bath in your shower

When we want to treat ourselves to something extra special, there’s a good chance our first thought is to take a relaxing bath. The effect is almost magical, leaving us feeling calm and restored from the moment we sink in. A shower, on the other hand, is often seen as the quicker, more functional option. However, it can be just as much an act of beauty as a bath – especially if it’s done right. All it takes are the right bath and shower products, and a little preparation...

  • Dove Body Wash

    Get your bubble fix.

    Who needs bubbles when you have Dove Body Wash? It works up a rich, creamy lather so pampering that you won’t miss sinking into a bubble bath for a second. Try our Purely Pampering range of body washes and discover it for yourself

  • Dove Pampering Power of Shower

    Treat your skin.

    You don’t need an hour-long soak in the bathtub to feel like your skin’s had a treat. The right shower products will achieve that deeply nourished, bath-fresh feeling, too. Try Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash, which will leave your skin softer and smoother after just one shower

  • Dove Purely Pampering Body Wash


    Use scents to your advantage. Fragrance can influence your emotions: when you’re looking to de-stress and unwind, turn to a product that delivers. Our Relaxing Body Wash Jasmine Petals and Coconut Milk will leave you feeling tranquil and peaceful (and your skin feeling beautifully soft, too, of course)

  • Dove Shower

    Allow for some ‘me time’.

    Appreciate your shower time: showers don’t have to feel rushed, no matter how quick they are. Let the water wash over you and really appreciate the peace and quiet – and most importantly, solitude – like you would in a bath. We bet you’ll come out feeling like a new person

  • Dove Pampering Power of Shower

    Add some finishing touches.

    Set the scene. A relaxing atmosphere is crucial to fully unwind and be in the moment. That means a tidy bathroom with some soothing touches. Think about playing your favourite music, or fresh flowers  

  • Dove Pampering Power of Shower

    Prolong the pampering.

    To help that pampered feeling last as long as possible, invest in some big, fluffy towels. Wrapping yourself in something soft and lavish is the ultimate in pampering. Extra tip: put them near the radiator while you’re in the shower so they’re warm when you get out. You won’t regret it

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