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Dove How to care for skin throughout life

From spots to dry skin: skin care as you age

What suits us at one stage in our life might not work for us later – just look at that velvet jacket you’ve hidden at the back of your wardrobe. It’s the same with your skin: the skin care and shower routine that helped to keep your complexion clear and healthy in your twenties might not be enough of a moisturizing boost now. 

To figure it out, we’ve spoken to three Dove women of varying ages. From young to mature skin, we’re listening to their real life skin issues and giving our top tips back – all to help you look and feel your beautiful best.

20s: Jacyntha, a junior emergency doctor 

What have you noticed about your skin? ‘When I’m particularly stressed, not eating properly or sleeping well, my skin can break out in spots.’

Our top tip: It feels so unfair to have to deal with spots after our teenage years, right? The truth is, even though the hormones that send our skin haywire start to level out as we reach our twenties, it’s not an instant process – meaning how to prevent acne is a common question still asked by those in their 20s. What’s more, when we’re stressed spots are even more likely to rear their heads. And while there’s no trick for how to get clear skin in a flash, a refreshing cleanser will help. But make sure to skip the soap – our Original Beauty Cream Bar contains ¼ moisturising cream instead, to thoroughly cleanse your skin without leaving it tight or dehydrated.  

See Jacyntha’s video on her tips for healthy skin. 


30s – 40s: Anjali, a student support advisor 

What have you noticed about your skin? ‘I’d like to keep my skin feeling soft, clear and smooth but as I’ve gotten older it’s lost its supple nature – It can look a little dreary sometimes.’

Our top tip: It’s quite common for skin to seem a bit duller at this stage. Your skin cells start to renew more slowly – only every 40 days – so the young cells that help you look fresh-faced take their time showing. The best (and quickest) way to get glowing skin? Just exfoliate. Our Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Bar softly cleanses and nourishes your skin, washing away those dead, dry skin cells to leave you with a healthy glow after every single body cleanse.


50+: Karen, a horticulturist

What have you noticed about your skin? ‘Since the menopause, my skin has thinned and become drier. It’s showing signs of age and time spent in the sun… but they’re signs of a life lived and enjoyed!’

Our top tip: It’s a fact: your skin does start to thin (and often dries out more) as it matures, so it needs all the nourishing care we can give it when cleansing. But what is good for dry skin (whilst being gentle, of course)? Well, a secret boost is hidden in this Dove body wash... Our Caring Protection Body Wash has a creamy formula that’s infused with caring oils to help lock in moisture, for smoother, softer skin after just one shower.

See Karen’s video on how to nourish mature skin.

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