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Our antiperspirant deodorant: Underarm care like never before

Waxing, sweating, shaving… our underarms go through a lot. But with our caring ¼ moisturising cream antiperspirant deodorant formula, you can give them all the nourishment they need.

It’s no wonder that delicate underarm skin needs a little extra care. A date with the razor can remove more than just hair and take away skin too, leaving our underarms feeling irritated and sensitive… especially when most of us shave around twice a week. Moisturising protection is the way to keep your underarms protected, recovered and happy – and that’s where Dove is different.

We’ve created the most caring Dove antiperspirant deodorant ever, designed to give your underarms the extra care they deserve using key skin care ingredients. Care that’s about more than just 48-hour protection from sweat. With our latest formula, it’s about giving your underarms the kind of special moisturising care that’s normally reserved for luxury face creams, too.

Dove deodorant contains a blend of three moisturisers – including sunflower seed oil – which boosts the skin’s ability to retain moisture, so you’re left with softer and smoother underarm skin. While Dove antiperspirant deodorant protects, the alcohol-free formula helps delicate underarm skin recover from within – and gives the indulgent, moisturising care and protection your underarms need, too. After all, it’s the little things that give us the most confidence: raising our arms to dance, lifting weights a little higher, or even a satisfying stretch to start the day. And with underarms this beautifully soft, smooth and cared for, why would you ever want to hold back?

Your underarms need more than protection – they need gentle, nourishing care, too. Discover our antiperspirant deodorant formula with the same caring ingredient found in luxury face creams, in our video, here:  

Our antiperspirant deodorant: discover luxury underarm care with Dove

Dove Antiperspirant Deodorants

With our most kind-to-skin antiperspirant deodorant formula yet, underarm care just got better. Whether you choose our classic Dove Original Antiperspirant Deodorant Roll-on, gentle fragrance-free sensitive skin deodorant spray, or a refreshing stick deodorant from our Go Fresh range, you can be confident you’re using a Dove deodorant that’s designed with your skin in mind. Put some goodness back into your underarms and say hello to softer, smoother, beautiful underarms with the best care from Dove.

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