Dove How to get smooth underarms

How to get smooth underarms

  • When you're getting dressed
    When you're getting dressed

    Want to know one of our best underarm care tips? Keep an eye on what you wear. The friction between your skin and clothes can leave your skin dry and irritated, and in some cases it can lead to visible dark marks, so avoiding tight tops and choosing natural fabrics could leave your underarms smoother

  • In the shower
    In the shower

    Our underarms don’t get that much pampering in the shower, so make sure you’re giving them the same effort as everything else. Use a gentle moisturising body wash that keeps your skin feeling soft

  • When putting on deodorant
    When putting on deodorant

    Choose it like you would any other beauty product. That means making sure it contains products your skin loves, as well as ones that keep you feeling fresh. Our Dove Original Roll-On contains our ¼ moisturising cream, so it offers your skin extra nourishment, leaving you with beautifully smooth underarms

  • When you have dry skin
    When you have dry skin

    Keep that moisture coming. Remember to apply moisturiser to your underarms after your shower, too (if you’re in a rush, make sure it’s something fast-absorbing so you can apply your deodorant directly after). Hair removal can leave them dry and irritated, so keeping the delicate skin there nourished at every opportunity is essential

  • After hair removal
    After hair removal

    Speaking of hair removal, whatever method you use (if you choose to use any) make sure you give the area some TLC. If you shave, always use a lubricant (shaving cream should do the trick, but we also love conditioner for extra smoothness), and post-treatment apply something soothing (look out for ingredients like Aloe Vera) to keep redness and rashes away

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