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Dove Men's hair products

A guide to styling using men’s hair products

Even when you’ve got the best men’s hair products, hair styling success comes down to knowing what to do with them. That’s where Dove Men+Care comes in. Read our guide to using men’s hair products.

  • 1

    Work with your hair

    Start by picking a product that works for your hair type and cut. Longer styles that need more hold benefit from hair gel. For men with short hair, wax or paste works better

  • 2

    Use gel for strong hold

    If you’re looking for strong hold, add styling gel to your grooming kit, like Dove Men+Care Styling Gel. It’s our strongest hold, giving you a sleek look that lasts and doesn’t look greasy or flat

  • 3

    Choose a spray gel

    If you prefer a gel, but want to keep some movement in your hair, try a spray product with a medium hold, like Dove Men+Care Thickening Spray Gel.

  • 4

    Rework with gel

    For a style that’s easy to maintain or change during the day, stick to gel. It can be reactivated with water, so you can smooth hair back in place or restyle

  • 5

    Matte products fight thinning

    If you’re worried about thinning, styling products can help you create the illusion of thickness. Matte products, like Dove Men+Care Sculpting Paste, absorb the light, giving hair a fuller appearance

  • 6

    For greasy hair, choose a pomade

    The best styling products for greasy hair should give the right amount of shine, but no greasiness. Dove Men+Care Defining Pomade creates defined, sleek styles leaving hair with the precise amount of shine, without any greasiness

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