Dove x Nike: Building body confidence in sport

Dove x Nike: Building body confidence in sport

57% of teenage girls are quitting sport – and low body confidence is the #1 reason why. We teamed up with Nike to launch the ‘Body Confident Sport’ program to reach girls everywhere. Join us to help boost girls’ body confidence in sport.

Body Confident Sport is a specialised programme proven to boost the body confidence of girls in sport. In partnership with Nike and world-renowned academic experts at the Centre for Appearance Research and Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport, we developed an industry-leading, evidence-based program to boost girls’ body confidence and help them thrive in sport.

This in-person program is aimed at 11 to 17-year-old girls and delivered by coaches in PE classes and after-school programmes. It includes three in-person body confidence coaching sessions, delivered by coaches to girls.

Since 2004, Dove has been working to arm the next generation with tools to build body confidence and self-esteem so that no young person is held back. As the world’s leading provider of self-esteem and body confidence education for girls, we have a responsibility to support girls wherever their self-esteem is at stake. We are proud to team up with Nike to support women and girls in sport, to make it a place where they can thrive and feel like they belong.

Building body confidence in sport

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