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5 Tips To Have A Healthy Relationship With Social Media

  • Dove Perfection doesn't exist – image of smiling woman
    Remind yourself that perfection doesn’t exist.

    80% of girls* have used a filter or an app to edit the way they look in their photos by the time they are 13. Filters can be fun but digital distortion isn’t real life. Social media is a highlight reel. Clever angles and poses can make people look very different and it’s important to remember that behind the filter is a real person and their lives aren’t always perfect

  • Dove Be yourself – image of smiling woman
    Be yourself.

    Your uniqueness is what makes you special so try not to compare yourself to others on social media. Sharing your individuality allows you to be your most authentic self - you don’t need to fit in

  • Dove Get comfortable not sharing – image of smiling woman
    Get comfortable with not sharing.

    There is a pressure to constantly post even when you don’t feel like it. It’s okay not to share and enjoy living in the real world. Social media should never feel like a chore

  • Dove Create boundaries – image of smiling woman
    Create boundaries.

    Building a social community, big or small, means giving people access to you. Whether with friends, family or followers, keeping some things private allows you to be in control. Spending too much time scrolling online can make you feel lonely or detached so try and reduce your screen time and enjoy a new offline hobby with a friend

  • Dove Remember your why – image of laughing woman
    Remember your why.

    It takes a lot of confidence to share your personal thoughts online so it’s good to think about why you’re posting. From checking in with friends, sharing an issue you feel passionate about or learning a new hobby. Think about your purpose when spending time online. If it doesn’t make you feel happy and fulfilled, take a break from social media

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