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Dove Visible Glow

Discover new Visible Glow body lotions from Dove

Reach for this sunshine-in-a-bottle self-tanning lotion and enjoy a summer glow, whatever the weather.

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Enriched with our unique NutriDuo Complex, a blend of skin natural nutrients and rich essential oil, each Dove body lotion nourishes skin deep* down. When slotted into regular skin care routines, skin is moisturised and left feeling satin-smooth while also gradually building the look of a beautiful tan. With specialised formulas for fair to medium and medium to dark skin tones, Dove Visible Glow Gradual Self-Tan Body Lotion enhances your skin’s natural colour to leave a radiant summer glow.

*within the stratum corneum

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Dove Self-tan lotions and moisturisers

Self-tan lotions and moisturisers

Want to know the secret of keeping your summer glow all-year round?

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