Dove Mature skin products

Mature skin products

Spa-inspired products for your body – created with the advanced technology usually reserved for facial care – to help maintain your skin’s natural youthfulness. 

We think mature skin care isn’t about anti-ageing and how to look younger. It’s about how to keep your skin acting youthful. As we age, the skin renewal cycle slows and skin loses plumpness. Which is why it needs our help to keep it resilient.

Finding a cream to accelerate skin renewal is your first move. We’ve used our knowledge of facial care to create our Nourishing Body Care Pro Age Body Lotion, which – with AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) and our NutriDUO technology – helps to clear out dullness by improving cell renewal.

Products with glycerin will help, too – like Dove Nourishing Body Care Pro Age Body Cream. It helps skin retain moisture so that it stays supple, smooth and plump.

Keep your skin looking its best and help it stay resilient, plump and smooth-looking with our products and tips below.

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