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Dove Men+Care paternity leave initiative

Dove Men+Care paternity leave initiative

Dove Men+Care is championing better paternity leave worldwide – as part of comprehensive, paid family leave – so that every expecting father (new dad or veteran nappy changer) has the chance to care for the people that matter the most to him.

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Every new dad should have the right to spend time with their children after they’re born – but it’s not only fathers who benefit from paternity leave. Research shows that when a man has the opportunity to care, everyone benefits: from communities and workplaces, to the parents’ relationship. Men’s role in parenting is evolving. 

Though his role is gradually expanding, the average paternity leave offered to men isn’t keeping up. And we think we can help – so we’re championing better paternity leave for men everywhere.

With the goal of challenging old stereotypes and making paid family leave for fathers more common, Dove Men+Care will work with expert partners to champion better parental leave policy around the world – so that someday every father can experience the benefits of paternity leave, and of course, enjoy everything that comes with being a dad.

Explore the initiative below.

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