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Dove Men+Care evolution of being a dad

Let’s Champion Paternity Leave Together

What is the issue?

Paternity leave has many benefits. Not only does it make fathers happier and give them more confidence in their caregiving, it positively impacts their partners and children too.

Paternity leave:

- Helps close the gender pay gap

- Positively impacts the physical and mental health of children and parents

- Allows women and men to share child care – and both work outside the home if they choose

- Adds to global GDP

But there are restrictions. Less than half of all countries in the world have a statutory right to paternity leave. And when it is available to them, most men don’t take it, due to restrictive gender stereotypes.

What are we doing?

Dove Men+Care joined forces with Promundo,  our research partner and a global leader in promoting gender justice, to hold a roundtable discussion at the 2019 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting at Davos. We brought together leading representatives from progressive and influential global businesses, governments and NGOs to discuss how to raise awareness of the benefits of paternity leave and create lasting change at scale.

In order to turn talk into action, following the event we are launching a new global task force to drive this movement forward. It’s the crucial next step in a journey we have been on since Dove Men+Care launched in 2010: helping men be the caregivers we know they want to be. At Unilever, we have created a new Global Paternity Leave Standard, which will give all fathers a minimum of three weeks' paid leave by the end of 2019. And outside of our business, we have produced research, engaging video content, and an online resources hub, all of which seek to make paternity leave a viable option. 

What can you do to help?

Together we can work to ensure every dad gets the chance to care for the people who matter most – but we need your help to make paternity leave understood, possible and desirable.

Join our global task force and help us:

- Raise awareness of the availability and benefits of paternity leave

- Improve workplace culture

- Create a shift in social norms

- Advocate for policy change

Together, we can unlock the impact of paternity leave on gender equality.  Sign up here to be part of the change. 

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