Dove Dry Hair

Dry Hair

Overcome dry hair with Dove. Giving you that manageable, silky hair that we all are craving. By using Dove you are giving your hair the nourishment it desires. 

If your hair’s lacking smoothness and shine, is unmanageable, frizzy and feels dried out, or if it’s thick and curly, then it’s likely to be dry. But not for long. Like a delicate plant, if you give it the right hair nourishment, it’ll flourish with Dove products made for your hair needs. Get that shiny, silky finish thanks to our range of products made for dry hair.

From the animal fat used by the ancient Egyptians to the 100-brush-strokes-before-bed rule, we’ve tried everything to get glossy hair – but there’s a reason woman have been loyal to oils for centuries. And since these natural oils are such miracle-working ingredients for our hair, we’ve woven them into every step of our regime, from shampoo to finish. To take that feeling of smoothness and softness right up to your next wash, check out our Advanced Hair Series Shine Revived range. The ultimate makeover, it contains macadamia and pomegranate seed oils to help revitalise dull and dry hair.

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