Dove Damaged Hair Intensive Repair

Damaged Hair

Are you worried about your hair getting damaged, or feel it may be too late? With Dove you can stop up to 90% of damage before it happens*. 

The secret? A good routine to get it back to its healthy-looking best. The first step is finding the best range for your hair type. You want a shampoo and conditioner to work together, to instantly improve the appearance and feel of your strands. To help get back your naturally beautiful-looking hair. Our shampoos and conditioners for damaged hair gives visible results, helping your hair to look healthier after every wash.

The best shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair doesn’t just improve the look – it needs to have a deeply nourishing formula that helps to rebuild the strength of your strands from the inside out. With Dove, you get a formula that with continuous use progressively nourishes so your hair gets better with every wash. Try our Dove Intensive Repair range or explore our naturally inspired range with Nourishing Secrets Restoring Ritual: Avocado. Both providing deep hair nourishment with Dove formulas.

*Breakage from brushing vs non-conditioning shampoo. Bleached hair. Intensive Repair system.

Explore our products that stop 90% of damage before it happens*