Dove Coloured Hair

Coloured Hair

With Dove our products are specifically formulated for coloured hair. Nourishing each strand and giving your colour-treated hair a glossy boost.

Looking for the best way to make your hair colour vibrancy last longer? Our hardworking shampoos and conditioners for coloured hair have been specifically formulated to nourish each strand and give your colour-treated hair a glossy boost. Our products have a powerhouse of ingredients, and our unique formulas preserves the shine and vibrancy, allowing it to look freshly coloured for longer for example with our Advanced Hair Series Colour Care Vibrancy range for up to 80% colour retention for 10 weeks*

*Instrumental test on bleached hair dyed red and washed with shampoo. Data is based on 3 washes per week. Gently cleansing and revitalising, our advanced Dove shampoo is the ideal choice for protecting your hair, leaving it looking radiant and shiny. Did you know that external elements such as UV rays and repeated washing can all cause coloured hair to fade faster and look dull? With continued use of Dove your hair will be protected against future damage and feel beautiful, bright and nourished.

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