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Confidence Kit: A tool to help build self-esteem

Confidence Kit: A tool to help build self-esteem

For young people, self-esteem can be an on-going journey. That’s why we’ve created our conversation guide on how you can bring out the best in a young person you know.

Written by experts, Confidence Kit is a collection of articles and activities that help young people build self-esteem. Each section includes a clear action checklist – including pointers to help you make constructive changes and initiate conversations around subjects that might be affecting them. Working with global psychology experts – we’ve gathered industry-leading information on the key topics that can impact a young person’s self-esteem. From peer, societal and media pressures to teasing and bullying about appearance – you can use our range of articles to help identify key issues that might be affecting a young person, and help them to reach their full potential.    

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