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Dove's Arms Up Series: Perfect Pits Don't Exist

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    Keep your armpits fresh

    Obviously wash them regularly, but also choose the right deodorant. Most people don’t know the difference between deodorants, which reduce odour, and antiperspirants, which reduce how much you sweat as well as protect from odour. Dove Advanced Care deodorants do both; the range of fragrances help reduce odour, and its powerful patented anti-sweat ingredients last up to 72 hours.

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    Choose gentle hair removal methods

    Many of us shave, wax or epilate creating more potential for irritation. Change your razor frequently as it can harbour bacteria, be sure to never shave on dry skin, and protect and reinforce your skin barrier so it can withstand all the friction. A deodorant like Dove Advanced Care contains 100% natural sunflower seed oil, which breaks down into a trio of skin soothing ingredients: vitamin E to soothe skin, omega 6 to smooth out bumpiness, and glycerin to keep the underarm skin hydrated.

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    Preparation is key

    When you are using hair removal methods, treat your skin before and after to reduce the risk of any irritation or sensitivity. Particularly with shaving, a gentle shaving foam is key to avoid damaging skin with just your razor and water. Try teaming your routine with Dove Glow Shower & Shave Mousse, formulated with niacinamide and essential oils that work to care for your skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and cared for.

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    Apply your antiperspirant the night before

    At night we sweat less, so the antiperspirant will have more time to soak in and take effect, which can last up to 72 hours. I’d recommend applying it to dry skin to maximise its effect the night before, and then just topping up after your morning shower.

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    Embrace diverse armpits

    Armpits come in different shapes, skin tones, hairiness and hairlessness. The number one way to care for your armpits is to embrace them, so you feel confident enough to go about your day without restriction.”

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