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Dove Summer beauty tips

Summer beauty tips

There’s something so exciting about summer: the sun, the holidays, the right to eat ice cream multiple times a day if we choose – it’s a magical season. And although it can be great for beauty, it presents new challenges for our beauty routines, too: namely, heat and humidity. But as long as you’re prepared, they won’t stand in the way of you getting that summer glow. Just follow our tricks for your most beautiful summer yet.

  • 1

    Tan safely.

    Get golden summer skin the safe way. Yes, we all love a summer tan – but our skin doesn’t like UV rays, so go for the healthier option. Dove Essential Nutrients Protective Day Lotion SPF15 has UVA & UVB filters to help protect skin from the sun’s rays. A self tanner like Dove Summer Glow Gradual Self Tan Body Lotion will nourish and care for your skin, while giving you the glow you’re after

  • 2

    Go waterproof.

    Whether it’s from the sweltering heat, all those outdoor summer games or the swimming pool, make-up has a habit of melting away in the summer. Give your favourite beauty products a waterproof makeover so they stay put as long as you want them to 

  • 3

    Be bold.

    If there’s ever a time for bright colours, it’s now. Save your foundation and matte skin for winter and take the plunge into something more adventurous – if ever the time was right for electric blue eyeliner, this is it

  • 4

    Take care of your skin.

    If summer to you means frequent hair removal, make sure you take care of your skin to prevent any sensitivity or redness. Use conditioner as a shaving cream (it gives you a thin, smooth surface that your razor will glide over beautifully) and always moisturise afterwards – that goes for your underarms, too

  • 5

    Pamper yourself.

    Warmer weather means baring more skin, so make sure you prepare with some serious pampering. Exfoliate to remove any old skin cells from winter, then treat yourself with a rich moisturiser like our Indulgent Nourishing Body Lotion with Shea Butter

  • 6

    Moisturise lips too.

    Bold lipstick is perfect for winter but summer is the time for lightweight, tinted lip balms. They’re more moisturising than lipstick, so you can care for your skin in the heat while still looking and feeling fabulous