Woman standing in the bathroom happily trying to feel her skin with hand.

Dove Polish and Scrub

Love that just-scrubbed feeling? Us too. Give your skin a fresh start with our nourishing body scrubs. Using a special blend of exfoliation and moisturising (which we like to call “exfoliarising”), these pH balanced body scrubs polish away dead skin cells to leave you with smoother, softer-feeling skin.

And the fragrances? Iconic. Think refreshing pomegranate, calming lavender, sweet brown sugar, soothing colloidal oatmeal, and loads more that we don’t have space to tell you about here.

Made with a pH balanced formula and naturally derived cleansers, our sulfate free body scrubs have a rich, whipped texture and are enriched with skin-nourishing, ¼ moisturizing cream to care for your skin as they exfoliate. Enjoy the new invigorating scents!

Whether you’re looking for a body scrub for glowing skin, an extra nourishing body scrub, or a more gentle body scrub, you’re in exactly the right place.

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