Dove How to repair chemically damaged hair

Quick hair tips to help repair damaged hair

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    Brush your hair before showering.

    Did you know hair is more fragile when wet? Lots of us love the feeling of combing through our conditioner, but the best time to brush your hair is actually before you wash it. This keeps tangles and breakages to a minimum, so you can keep up your usual routine for manageable hair and still have healthy-feeling locks!


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    Use a boar bristle brush for manageable hair.

    Speaking of brushing, the type of brush you use can make a lot of difference in keeping your locks feeling healthy. Hair tips often work differently for every hair type, but this suits everyone. If you want something that improves hair, detangling and shine, a boar bristle brush is perfect. Effortlessly breaking up knots, it will distribute your scalp’s natural oils and give every strand a sleeker look


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    Find a super conditioner for hair nourishment…

    In the world of hair care, shampoos are for cleaning and conditioners are for nourishing – so for complete hair nourishment, you need a conditioner that knows how to repair damaged hair. That’s why we created Dove 3in1 Intensive Repair Serum Conditioner. It’s made with the nourishing power of serum conditioner for instantly recovered, more resilient hair – what’s not to love?


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    … And find a timesaving one.

    When we talk about pampering, you might think of a lengthy massage or an overnight face mask but using a serum conditioner doesn’t have to be time-consuming. For a speedy hair transformation, try Dove 3in1 Nourishing Moisture Serum Conditioner. It helps dry, frizzy hair look sleek and smooth in just 60 seconds. Think of it as instantly healthy-looking hair in a bottle


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    Wrap wet hair in a microfibre towel.

    Quicker than letting your hair air dry, and kinder than using heat – wrapping your hair in a microfibre towel after washing is a great way to give your locks an extra bit of TLC. They’re fast-absorbing and they also minimise friction, so you can make sure there’s less strain on your hair. This helps in the long run: keeping every strand strong, reducing breakage over time and giving you healthy-looking, manageable hair


  • 6

    Turn down the heat.

    If you’ve been scrolling to find out how to make your hair manageable, the search is over. The overnight-plait look might fill you with nostalgia, but there are lots of real benefits to embracing heatless hairstyles too. Trying out a bun or ponytail not only changes up your look from day to day but cuts out potential damage from straighteners and curling irons. So, get creative and see what you come up with


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