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We believe that your underarms shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love. Having underarm care you can rely on is the key to feeling comfortable, confident and ready to take on any day. That’s why you need an antiperspirant deodorant that excites the senses, cares for skin and offers the long-lasting protection you deserve

Having the confidence to take on whatever life throws your way starts with fresh, comfortable and cared for underarms. We’ve re-designed our Dove Advanced Care formula to be kinder to your skin and give your delicate underarms a dose of protection and care every day. You can wave goodbye to underarm worries with this effective antiperspirant deodorant and take on the day with a boost of confidence.

With even more of our caring sunflower seed oil than before, our Dove Advanced Care antiperspirant deodorant range offers our best ever care. And with a range of fragrances options you’ll get sweat and odour protection with a scent to suit every taste, whether floral, fruity, fresh or clean.

Take our Advanced Care Original Antiperspirant Aerosol, for example. With 48-hour protection and ¼ moisturising cream with caring oil, you’ll be left with soft, smooth and cared for skin. The perfect combination when you want to feel confident and comfortable all day.

Give our Advanced Care Cucumber & Green Tea Antiperspirant Aerosol a try with its refreshing and energising scent. Or, for a fruity, sweet scent try our Advanced Care Pear & Aloe Antiperspirant Deodorant Aerosol. This antiperspirant deodorant formula gives skin hydration, leaving you with soft and comfortable underarms after every use. This easy-to-apply spray gives you the power to take on everyday with ease. Made with kind to skin ingredients and invigorating, complex fragrances, you’ll get long-lasting protection and underarm freshness without compromising on underarm care.

Or discover the anti-stain technology in our Invisible Dry range of Antiperspirant Aerosols. Tested on 100 colours, Dove Invisible Dry leaves fewer white marks and yellow stains than standard antiperspirants and is kind to skin with 1/4 moisturising cream

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