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Dove Stick antiperspirant deodorant

Stick antiperspirant deodorant

Show your underarms a whole lot of love with our skin-moisturising antiperspirant deodorant sticks that help keep you cool, calm and collected for up to 48 hours

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If you’re a loyal antiperspirant deodorant stick user, then you’re in the right place. Here we celebrate all our Dove options, helping to make your choice between them simpler. 

We think the best antiperspirant deodorant sticks don’t just protect us from sweat, they also care for our skin. So we’ve made sure all Dove antiperspirant deodorant sticks have 100% alcohol-free formulas, include ¼ moisturising cream and reduce sweating for up to 48 hours. All of these combine to help leave you feeling cool, confident and cared for no matter which option you choose.  

To find out even more about our antiperspirant deodorant sticks, explore our products and read our hints, tips and tricks below.

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