Body Polish Pomegranate and Shea Butter 

A creamy body scrub that reveals instantly silky skin, with a fruity pomegranate and shea butter scent.


• Body exfoliator that gently removes dull, dry skin  

• Deeply nourishes to restore skin’s natural nutrients 

• Formulated with ¼ moisturising cream 

• Whipped texture that creates a beautifully creamy coverage 

• A soothing scent of crushed lavender and coconut milk 

• Reveals smoother skin after every use

When you’re figuring out how to get smooth skin, there’s one very important step you should include in your routine: exfoliation. Dead skin cells can hide your skin’s natural radiance, but with Dove Pomegranate Seeds & Shea Butter Exfoliating Body Polish, you can give your skin the revitalization it deserves.  

This moderate body polishing scrub effectively removes dead skin cells to reveal soft, radiant skin, giving you the glow you’ve been dreaming of. Made with ¼ moisturizing cream and naturally derived cleansers, this formula deeply nourishes your skin while it works. With a rich, whipped texture, this Dove body scrub adds a touch of indulgence to your routine, releasing the sweet scent of pomegranate as you massage it in. This pomegranate body polish provides instant skin softness and lasting smoothness. 

• Exfoliating skin effectively removes dead skin cells to reveal soft skin – perfect for getting the radiant look you’re dreaming of.

• Nourishing skin
If you ask us, everything you use on your skin should nourish it. This moderate exfoliating body polish is made with ¼ moisturizing cream, so its rich formula replenishes skin’s natural nutrients as well as cleansing it. You’ll get beautifully nourished, fresh skin with every shower.

• A fresh fragrance
This pomegranate and shea butter body scrub fills your bathroom with a delicate, sweet fragrance that will make every shower feel indulgent.

To use, scoop a generous amount of Dove Body Polish out of the jar. Massage all over your body in circular motions for creamy coverage, and then rinse away to reveal silky smooth skin. Use 3-4 times per week as part of your skin care regimen for touchably soft skin

If your skin becomes dry and flaky through the winter months, try Dove Exfoliating Body Scrub Brown Sugar & Coconut Butter. It will give you deep exfoliation – perfect for a skin care transformation. 

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