How to care for coloured hair

How to care for coloured hair

  • 1
    Choose a gentle shampoo.

    Once we’ve got the perfect shade, we don’t want to watch it fade away. Choose a gentle shampoo that’ll help keep the colour as vibrant as when you stepped out the salon for longer, like our Nutritive Solutions Colour Care Shampoo

  • 2
    Nourish hair.

    Has your new auburn shade come complete with straw-like texture? Colouring can damage the protective lipid layer of your hair, so keep it looking and feeling beautiful with an intense dose of nourishment every week. As well as leaving it up to 10x more resilient against everyday stresses, Dove Intensive Repair Deep Treatment Mask keeps hair looking more beautiful, healthy and strong over time

  • 3
    Always do a patch test.

    When you’re having fun experimenting with your look, it’s important to test the waters first to check you’re happy with your new colour and to make sure the products you’re using keep damage to a minimum.

  • 4
    Protect hair.

    It may seem like a no-brainer, but nourished hair is the best canvas for colour – so to keep it vibrant for as long as possible, you need to protect the hair from everyday stresses. Watch out for swimming: salt water and chlorine can cause damage, so always make sure you rinse thoroughly after a trip to the pool

  • 5
    Try multi-tasking products.

    Try to find multi-tasking products that nourish hair as well as keeping your colour vibrant (and as masters of multi-tasking ourselves, we know a good one when we see it). Our Nutritive Solutions Color Care Conditioner, formulated with Vibrant Colour Lock, gives you longer lasting hair colour vibrancy, helping to prolong it for up to eight weeks, whilst helping detangle hair and improving manageability every day

  • 6
    Avoid fade.

    The sun can weaken your hair and damage the pigment, causing the colour to fade – which is frustrating when you’ve finally found the perfect shade of red. To protect your colour vibrancy, protect it with a hat