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Turn to Dove for nourishing hair care that maintains your strands day after day. Made with our Bio-Restore formula, our range of shampoos and conditioners helps repair damaged hair, if used regularly.

Since we all love the feeling of healthy hair, Dove combines hair care with science to deliver real results. Dove shampoos and conditioners are made with a Bio-Restore formula – a natural origin blend of amino acids, nourishing oils, and lipids, to repair hair damage from the inside out.  This complete, nourishing hair care means there’s no need to choose between your hair looking beautiful and being cared for. 

Looking to treat hair damage caused by excessive use of hair styling tools? Quench dryness or care for curly hair? Perhaps you’re looking to care for coloured hair or prevent dandruff and split ends. Whatever your hair care needs, we’ll help you get on the road to beautiful hair – without expensive professional hair care treatments.

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