Dove Dry skin care

Dry skin care

When your skin needs extra moisture, turn to Dove DermaSpa.

Because all our DermaSpa moisturisers combine a spa-like experience with our superior care, you can be sure that your dry skin will be nourished without compromising on indulgence from the very first use.

Most importantly, to fight dry skin, make sure your skin is protected by a rich, creamy moisturiser each day. We’ve got lots of options to choose from and all of them contain Cell-Moisturisers®, our latest technology (which is usually reserved for premium facial skin care) that has been shown to improve the condition of the skin barrier. This helps dehydrated skin become soft, smooth and glowing – exactly what we want.

Each product offers a rich texture, premium formula and uplifting fragrance to allow for a moment of appreciation and care of your body in your busy routine.

For even more ideas on how to treat dry skin, explore our products and advice below.

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