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  • A secret code for your mother daughter relationship
    How a codeword can improve communication with your teen daughter, helping you offer relationship advice & strengthening your mother daughter relationship.
    Average read time: 5mins read

    It can be hard for a teenage girl to chat to her mum – or anyone – about a sensitive issue. A mother daughter private code may help her talk when she’s feeling awkward or unhappy.

  • Be Real: the campaign for body confidence
    The Dove Self-Esteem Project & Be Real Campaign support parents & teachers to increase self worth in teens & young women, helping them feel more body confident
    Average read time: 3mins read

    At Dove, we're committed to making beauty a source of confidence, not anxiety. That’s why we're a founding partner of the Be Real Campaign – a national movement formed in response to the Reflections on Body Image report from the All Party Parliamentary Group for Body Image. Together, we are campaigning to change attitudes to body image, put health above appearance, and help all of us be confident in our bodies. 

  • Celebrity culture: sorting reality from hyper-reality
    Is your child obsessed with celebrities or reality shows? Use our action checklist to counter celebrity influence and help them develop a healthy self-image.
    Average read time: 4mins read

    Young people today are surrounded by a celebrity culture that's hard to compete with and could have a negative impact on their self-image. Celebrity influence is everywhere, from style magazines to Twitter, Snapchat, the world of 'reality' TV and airbrushed images. How is your child coping?

  • Chantelle Brown-Young and positive self image: teaching girls about individual beauty
    Frustrated by the portrayal of women in the media? Find new role models for teens, and help your daughter celebrate diversity and recognise her inner beauty.
    Average read time: 4mins read

    By speaking up about vitiligo, a condition that affects the pigment of the skin, ex-America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) contestant Chantelle Brown-Young is confidently expressing her individuality. Use her experience to start talking to your child about celebrating different types of beauty and developing their own positive body image.

  • Cracking compliments: teach your child how to take a compliment
    Use our Cracking Compliments video and tips to help your child learn how respond to compliments – and how to give compliments that aren't looks-focused
    Average read time: 3mins read

    Giving your child a compliment should be simple, but some young people have a tendency to take things the wrong way. To help your child understand when someone is genuinely admiring or praising them, share our Cracking Compliments video and action checklist with them.

  • Differing points of view in your mother-daughter relationship
    How to improve communication skills to talk to your daughter effectively & strengthen your mother-daughter relationship.
    Average read time: 6mins read

    Convincing kids that it's worth devoting time and effort to schoolwork can be a major source of tension. Here, a mother, Jennifer, and her daughters, Emily and Samantha*, give their views on a typical mother-daughter struggle over homework – showing how understanding other people’s points of view in family disputes can reduce anger and upset on all sides.

  • Girl bullies: understanding different types of bullying
    If your child is being bullied, there's a lot you can do to support them. Our practical guide explains the different types of bullying and how to deal with them.
    Average read time: 5mins read

    It’s a sad fact that most young people experience bullying at some stage. But while boys and girls are equally likely to be on the receiving end, for a girl it’s more often hidden to the casual observer. That’s why it’s important for parents to recognise the signs of bullying among girls and be aware of its dangers.

  • Help your child defy body trends and beat the body-shamers
    From the 'thigh gap' to the 'ab crack', there's always a new ideal body shape to aspire to. Help your child defy body trends and boost their self-esteem.
    Average read time: 6mins read

    Whether it's 'size 000', the 'thigh gap' or the 'ab crack', it seems that every few months brings a disturbing new thinness trend. How can you prevent your child being drawn into social media's latest body obsessions and encourage them to put their health and wellbeing above body perfectionism?

  • Help your child develop a positive body image
    Tips and advice on helping your child develop a positive body image & cope with the influence of teenage fashion trends, celebrity role models & the media.
    Average read time: 4mins read

    Why is it that ‘the latest look’ is often nothing like people actually are in the real world? What look did you hanker after growing up? Trends may move on, but young people’s aspiration – and anxiety – is timeless.

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