6 shampoo myths: revealed

6 shampoo myths: revealed

  • 1
    Daily washing damages hair.

    ‘If you shampoo hair every day, you’ll damage it.’ Lots of people think that daily washing can damage and dry out your hair. Actually, as long as you use a caring product, like our Nutritive Solutions Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo, how much you wash your hair is completely down to you and your hair needs. So just go with the flow

  • 2
    Rinse and repeat.

    ‘Lather, rinse, repeat.’ The instructions for shampooing are basically iconic… but not necessarily right. Repeating the shampooing step might be useful if you’ve been hitting the hairspray hard, but for daily shampooing it’s not necessary

  • 3
    Shampoo stops working.

    ‘Hair gets used to a shampoo.’ If you think your shampoo has stopped working, it’s probably more to do with the condition of your hair. Keep an eye out – it might have become dry or damaged, so make some adjustments depending on which shampoo is best for its new state. If it is damaged, for example, try our Nutritive Solutions Intense Repair Shampoo

  • 4
    Don’t change shampoo with the seasons.

    ‘You don’t need to change your shampoo with the seasons.’ Just like our skin, the condition of our hair can vary depending on the weather. In colder months, there’s low humidity, which can leave your hair feeling dry and prone to static. So in winter, swap your usual product for a moisturising shampoo that’ll help prevent dryness

  • 5
    Be rough.

    ‘You really have to be rough to get the lather going.’ Remember, your hair is delicate when it’s wet, so be gentle. Massaging your shampoo in with soft, circular movements will give you a few minutes of bliss

  • 6
    Use cold water.

    ‘Rinsing out shampoo with cold water makes hair shinier.’ Simply not true. Shiny hair is more about how smooth (and therefore reflective) the hair’s surface is, and cold water doesn’t make it any smoother. In future, enlist a shampoo that adds shine instead of a freezing few seconds under the faucet