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There are some things in life we know we can rely on. Like the shade of our favourite nail polish, chocolate when we’re having a bad day or the skills of our favourite moisturiser.

There’s nothing like the velvety soft feeling of moisturised skin. But getting it right can be tricky, especially when the weather changes or as we age. Which is why finding the best moisturiser is so important.

Knowing your skin type is essential – whether it’s dry or mature – but so is knowing what you want from your skin, whether that’s luminosity, softness or firmness. When choosing the best moisturiser for dry skin, for instance, opt for deeply nourishing creams that will help repair your skin’s barrier to keep moisture locked in. With formulas built around our Cell-Moisturisers® technology – moisturising actives that provide dermatological-level care – our DermaSpa collection does just that, leaving skin replenished, even-looking and radiant. Look out for new ways to deliver that care, too: we love the rollerball in our Uplifted+ Massaging Body Roll-on, which massages skin to increase blood circulation. Check out the range for many more.

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