6 ways conditioner cares for your hair

6 ways conditioner cares for your skin

  • 1
    It can work instantly.

    Hair conditioners can leave your locks feeling smooth and healthy in a matter of minutes. Just massage your conditioner of choice in after shampooing, leave for about three minutes and rinse it out. If you're tight on time, our 1 Minute Protein Super Conditioner can actually condition dry hair in as little as 60 seconds.

  • 2
    It works from the inside out.

    Hair conditioner doesn’t just leave you with smooth hair, it helps repair damage, too. Our new Bio-Restore formula is a natural origin blend of amino acids, natural oils and lipids to leave you with nourished hair, working with its natural biology to repair damage from the inside out.

  • 3
    It reduces towel damage.

    Conditioner offers protection against towel damage. Yes, you read that right. When your hair’s wet, it can be really vulnerable, and roughly towel drying it can cause breakage. Using a Dove hair conditioner like Daily Care can help protect against everyday damage like this.

  • 4
    It works even after rinsing.

    No need to use leave-in conditioners to hydrate hair after washing – most conditioners – even if you aren’t using a specific conditioner for dry hair – work by leaving behind a small amount of ingredients that help to smooth hair and protect your strands after you’ve rinsed it out.

  • 5
    Conditioner’s for everyone.

    Everyone needs it – even if you have fine hair or oily roots. Hair conditioner is essential to nourish hair and keep hair feeling healthy, which is why they’re formulated depending on hair type. While conditioners for dry hair might be a little heavier, conditioners for fine hair are specially designed to leave just enough agents behind to leave you with silky and smooth hair – without weighing it down. For fine hair, try applying your conditioner just to the ends.

  • 6
    It should suit your hair type.

    Making sure you have the right hair conditioner is essential to getting the results you want. Want to repair damage? Our Intensive Repair Conditioner gives you nourished hair. If you want to tackle dryness and frizz, our Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner will leave you with smooth hair. There are even hair conditioners to help prevent split ends and breakage to help you get hydrated hair.