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Baby Dove Sensitive skin care

Baby skincare: gentle care for sensitive skin

The expression ‘as smooth as a baby’s bottom’ isn’t always true: even a baby’s bottom isn’t smooth all the time, especially when nappy rash appears. 

That’s because baby skin is tricky to care for. It is soft and delicate, and in the early days it’s especially fragile and susceptible to damage as it adjusts to life outside. Plus, some babies have more sensitive skin than others.

“The best way to take care of sensitive skin is to use products made specifically for baby skin,” explains paediatric dermatologist Dr. Zilda. So take advantage of Dove’s 60 years of experience in gentle skin care and try the Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture range of baby skin products. 

Our experts – real parent dermatologists such as Dr. Zilda – offer this advice on caring for your baby’s delicate skin…

  • 1

    More moisture 

    Your baby’s skin is thinner than a sheet of paper and loses moisture much faster than yours. Using a mild baby soap and baby lotion is important, but try to use those that will also replenish moisture in the skin


  • 2

    Gentle cleansing

    Baby skin also has a higher pH than an adult’s, making it even more delicate. Choosing a pH-neutral soap for baby, like our Baby Dove Rich Moisture Bar, which is gentler and more nourishing than ordinary baby soap, will help to keep it healthy


  • 3

    Tailored skin care  

    Not knowing what’s irritating your baby’s skin can be hard. You may have given up dairy while breastfeeding or washed their clothes in different detergents to no avail. Switching to our pH-neutral Sensitive Moisture Fragrance-Free Head to Toe Wash could be the solution. Tested by dermatologists and paediatricians, it’s developed specially for sensitive skin 


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    Being protective

    It’s easier said than done, but try not to stress if baby diaper rash does develop: let a good cream for diaper rash do the work. Our Rich Moisture Nappy Cream neutralises pH in seconds, provides immediate relief, and forms a protective layer to help the healing process. Plus, it spreads easily so you don’t need to rub, which could cause more discomfort

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    Patting dry 

    Finally, gentle patting is kinder to your baby’s delicate skin, so try to avoid rubbing them dry after a bath