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Baby Dove Baby products to the test

How our experts put our baby products to the test

As a parent, you often test baby products to make sure they're just right for your little one (as our video shows). Is their bathwater too hot? Is their baby swing harness tight enough? Are their toys safe? Is their nappy secure?

With Baby Dove, you can be confident that we've already done the all-important testing for you. In addition to being paediatrician, ophthalmologist, and dermatologist-tested, our scientists – many of whom are parents themselves – thoroughly test and try out every product to ensure each one gently cares for and protects even the most delicate baby skin. 

From baby wash to lotion, our scientists are there to make every Baby Dove formulation as gentle as possible. Dr. Carol Hlela based at the red cross children’s hospital, highlights “the power and the importance of looking after that skin. Keeping it supple and as healthy as it is.” Using our gentle hypoallergenic products will help you do this.

All products undergo hypoallergenic testing and all products are paediatrican and dermatologist-tested according to our scientists from the Baby Dove Research and Development team. Maintaining our babies skin needs a special touch.

Our skincare experts understand the unique needs of babies' skin. As well as carefully testing baby products in the lab, many will try them out on themselves and their babies to make sure each one is effective, extra-mild and gentle enough to use. Cassandra Taylor explains how “There is a lot of pressure on moms today to do the best thing for your child, even before they are born. Being able to have products like Dove Baby, really takes some of the pressure off new moms.”

Baby Dove baby soap test

Baby Dove baby soap test