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How to tackle teasing and bullying

Worried your child is being teased about their appearance and not sure how to help? Concerned that your child is being cyber bullied and stressed about the impact on their self-esteem? Use our articles and activities to help them understand what's happening and get information on how to stop bullying in school, online and outside.

There are many different types of bullying – in the real world and online. Sometimes the line between 'a bit of fun' and hurtful teasing can be blurred – especially during adolescence when young people are naturally more sensitive. This kind of teasing might not seem as serious as overt bullying, but it can still be upsetting and have long-lasting negative effects. 

The more you can understand this kind of teasing – why it happens and how it feels – the more you can relate to your child's anxiety and distress. 

Our articles and activities will help you support your child so they can understand and deal with appearance-focused teasing.

Start reading and sharing them with your child today. And if the taunting turns to bullying, don't hesitate to get professional help.

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